To develop the pilgrim center & provide best education, culture for poor children
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About Us

Sant Sri Bharamasad Punyastala, Sri KasanHari Kshetra Abhivruddhi Nirvahana Seva Prathishtana

To develop the pilgrim center & provide best education, culture for poor children

Sant Sri Bharamasad Punyastala, Sri KasanHari Kshetra Abhivruddhi Nirvahana Seva Prathishtana  is a not-for-profit organisation working in the region of Bharamagad, Sri Kshetra Mahadevapura, Kudligi taluk, Vijayanagar dist, Karnataka. We were established in the year 2022 in the month of February. Our objective is to develop the pilgrim center & provide best education, culture for poor children.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


Protect the forest and the environment, live the natural life in consonance with nature, Do not practice discrimination toward anyone and any form, Live a life with the dignity


We are trying to give human society an opportunity for a life of happiness, good health, peace of mind and all good qualities through God Consciousness & Meditate have inner peace, and study, seek knowledge and gain the knowledge.

Our Programs

Celebrating everything

A culture is known by its festivals. Festivals are not just celebrations or parties. They are rhythm or pulses of a culture and society. Many festivals celebrate various harvests, commemorate great historical figures and events, or express devotion to the deities. Every celebration centers around the rituals of prayer and seeking of blessings. We want to develop the pilgrim center & provide best education, culture for poor children

Our Activities

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Shri Krishna Janmashtami Celebration

Janmashtami is celebrated when Krishna is believed to have been born according to Hindu tradition, which was in Mathura at midnight on the eighth day of Bhadrapada or the 23rd day of Shraavana, which overlaps with late August and early September in the Gregorian calendar. We at Sant Sri Bharamasad Punyastala, Sri KasanHari Kshetra Abhivruddhi Nirvahana Seva Prathishtana celebrated this by organising a program in which many devotees participated and celebrated the festival.

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Holi celebration

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the Festival of Spring, the Festival of Colours or the Festival of Love. The festival celebrates the eternal and divine love of Radha Krishna. With the celebration of Holi, we also celebrated the 282nd Sant Shri Sevalal Maharaja's Jayanthotsava.

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Hatiram Bhavaji Jayanthi

Hathiram Bhavaji or Hathiram Baba or Hathiram Bairagi was a saint from Dalpatpur Uparhar, Maya, Ayodhya who visited Tirumala around 1500 CE on a pilgrimage and became a devotee of Lord Venkateswara. He settled there by setting up an ashram near the temple. According to a legend, he had the privilege of playing dice with Venkateswara.

Hathiram was born into a middle-class family in the village Dalpatpur Uparhar in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. His real name was Aasa Ram Baljot. His Father's name was Des Raj Baljot. He has four brothers named, Kahna Ram, Meena Ram, Gulaba Ram and Budh Ram Baljot. His family moved to a Village Gunachaur near Banga city of Punjab. Every year on 5 Ashaad, people from Punjab and Himachala gather at village Gunachaur to pay tributes to Baba Hathiram. He stayed at Village Gunachaur for long time, then he left in the search of real God. The old name of village Gunachaur was "Tilla Raja Gopichand". According to legend Hathiram named Lord Venkateswara as Balaji. Hathiram was a devotee of Rama (an avatar of Vishnu). When he visited Tirumala, he decided to stay there and set up an ashram outside the temple. Hathiram Bhavaji Mutt was established in his name in Tirumala.

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Sant Sevalal Jayanthi

Sevalal Maharaj (15 February 1739 – 4 December 1806) was an Indian socio-religious reformer and is now revered by the Banjara community as a spiritual guru. He was a disciple of Jagadamba and was celibate throughout his life. Sri Sevalal played key role in fighting for Banjaras rights with Nizam ruler and Mysuru ruler in 18th century.

Sevalal Maharaj died at Ruhiyagad and was buried at Pohra in Washim district, now in the state of Maharashtra. His samadhi still stands there, adjacent to a temple dedicated to Jagadamba. Although he was opposed to personality cults and rituals, it is a popular destination for Banjaras at Hindu festivals such as Diwali. Similar adjacent temples dedicated to Sevalal and to Jagadamba exist elsewhere and also attract worshippers in significant numbers.[1]

Every Banjara village/tanda has red/saffron and white flag that symbolises the Sri Sevalal'e victory and identity recognition.


Baba Lakhishah Banjara Jayanthi

Bhai Lakhishah Banjara (4 July 1580 – 7 June 1680) was a Great Warrior and Historic Banjara King , Asian trader, Asian civil contractor and the owner of four villages located in Delhi. He was also supplying goods for the Mughal Army.

He died on 7 June 1680 at Malcha Palace at the age of 99 years and 10 months. He had eight sons, seventeen grandsons and twenty-four great-grandsons.He is also created World largest 'Lohgarh' fort. He also played an important role in Sikh history and he also man also has the power to fight against Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Lakhisha was great humanitarian king of Banjara


Board Members

Shama Naik



Working President

Smt. Lakshmi Bai

Vice President

Praveen Kumar S


Krishna Naik

Asst. Secretary

Kumar Naik


Smt. Padma Shri


Pakker Naik


Dharma Naik


Shankar Naik


Dasya Naik


Advisory Panel

Bhaskar Naik


Kumar Swamy M


Team Members

Jaganath - Program Co-ordinator

Shankar Naik (Army) - Devotional Organiser


Volunteer with us for making a difference in somebody's life and also it is a good opportunity for you to give back to the society. For more information, mail us at

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